Picture of Ann Carter

Pigments and Portraits is a website celebrating the work of Ann Carter, a Lincolnshire artist.

Her favourite medium is watercolours, but she also paints in pastels. Watercolours are reserved for paintings that need the clarity and brightness that the medium brings to its subjects, with pastels being used for paintings that reflect an immediacy and potency of colour.

Ann lives in North Lincolnshire, Great Britain, a county known for its broad skies and sunny days (relatively speaking - after all this is England). She often accompanies her husband on his fishing trips, capturing the surrounding countryside to cries of, "Did you see that?"


All of Ann's recent paintings have been photographed and appear on the gallery, and are for sale. If you are drawn to one marked "SOLD", don't worry. If you like a particular subject, medium or colour scheme, let Ann know and she can create a painting to your exact requirements. Please note all Ann's paintings are unique, and no two will ever be the same.


Ann takes commissions for all her portrait work. Most are created from photographs supplied by the customer. Copies of customer commissioned portraits s are not shown in the gallery, instead, some of Ann's family are shown with their permission. These give you an idea of what can be achieved with watercolours or pastels. Ann prides herself in being able to include an indescribable essence of the sitter's character in her portraits. All commissioned pieces are photographed after completion. This photograph is sent to the customer for his/her approval before dispatch.

Buying your painting

When you have found a painting you would like buy, contact Ann (Contact me link) with all the relevant information, to make sure it still available. Once that has been confirmed you will be asked to pay the agreed price (painting + any delivery charges) via paypal. Frames with glass cannot be sent through the post. The recommended methods of delivery/collection are discussed below.

  1. Collection. This is recommended for all pastel work, as rough handling can cause the surface to "dust". Your pastel painting will be mounted, framed and bubble wrapped ready for you or your representative to collect.

  2. Postal delivery: This is a suitable method for small watercolour paintings only. They can be sent through the post card-mounted, in reinforced wallets to protect the edges. You can have them framed in a wood/colour of your choice afterwards. Large watercolour paintings can be rolled up and sent through the post in tubes, being mounted and frame at their final destination. All delivery charges are dependent on the size of the painting and the method of posting and will be agreed with the customer before dispatch.